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Padar island Komodo National Park

25 May 2023 5x Adventure, Backpacker, Blog, Nature

Padar Island is a popular tourist destination located near Labuan Bajo, a small fishing town in the western part of the Indonesian island of Flores. Labuan Bajo serves as the gateway to the famous Komodo National Park, which includes Padar... read more


Diving in Gili islands

25 May 2023 4x Adventure, Blog, Nature

Diving in Gili Air, a small island located in Indonesia’s Gili Islands, can be an incredible experience. The Gili Islands are renowned for their crystal-clear waters, diverse marine life, and beautiful coral reefs. Here’s some information about diving in Gili... read more


Rinjani mountain

25 May 2023 2x Adventure, Blog, Nature

Mount Rinjani is an active vocano located on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. It is the second highest volcano in the country, standingmountain at an impressive height of 3,726 meters (12,224 feet) above sea level. Mount Rinjani and its... read more

Gili Snorkeling Gili islands

25 May 2023 2x Adventure, Backpacker, Blog, Nature

Snorkeling in the Gili Islands is a popular activity for tourists visiting this beautiful destination in Indonesia. The Gili Islands consist of three small islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. These islands are known for their crystal-clear waters,... read more


Gili Island Tour

29 August 2022 112x Adventure, Backpacker, Blog, Nature

Sandy white beaches. reefs of tropical coral. enticing seas, warm. You can find all of this on the Lombok islands of Gili Trawangan and Gili. The Gili islands off the northwest coast of Lombok are undoubtedly the best location for... read more


Live Board From Lombok To Komodo Park

26 July 2022 288x Adventure, Backpacker, Blog, Nature

The boat trip to Flores via the Komodo Islands takes four days and three nights to spend aboard the ship. The food is simple but good and the crew is very friendly. You can sleep thanks to the loose mattresses... read more


History of the fast boats in the Gilis

25 July 2022 74x Blog

Bounty Cruises, established in the late 1990s were the first operators serving the Gili Islands and Lombok, from Bali. They boasted a 550 seater catamaran, which was by far the largest high-speed vessel sailing the Lombok Strait. Unfortunately, they were... read more


Surfing Of the Gili Island

1 August 2018 779x Adventure, Backpacker, Blog, Nature

In paradise, you can merge with the ocean as well. Put on your gear and travel to The Gili Islands for an amazing surfing retreat. The Gili islands are a group of three tiny islands near Lombok, an island close... read more

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