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The boat trip to Flores via the Komodo Islands takes four days and three nights to spend aboard the ship. The food is simple but good and the crew is very friendly. You can sleep thanks to the loose mattresses on the whole ship, if you have not booked any of the cabins. This includes the deck, which brings spectacular nights under the stars.

The first stop is after a few hours for open water swimming from the boat. Then you drive until the next morning past lonely coasts and beautiful bays. The camera batteries should be charged so!

On the second day the ship will dock in Medang. There you can visit a local village. Here you can get a glimpse of the original Indonesian culture and then take a bath on the island’s own beach. In the afternoon, explore Moyo Island, where you can climb a waterfall and take a dip in one of its leached waterholes.

The third day features highlights of climbing a mountain on Gili Laba with breathtaking views and snorkelling with mantas at their feeding sites. In the afternoon you enter the legendary Pink Beach for snorkeling and sunbathing.

After a celebration on board and the last night in a quiet bay, on the fourth day you visit the Komodo National Park with its world-famous monitors. The guided tour is informative and well prepared. Then you will set to the neighboring island of Rinca Island, which offers further opportunities to watch the lizards, monkeys and buffaloes. In the late afternoon Labuan Bajo on Flores is laid out and an unforgettable journey comes to an end.

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